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Monday, May 21, 2012 Think Like an Author

Wonderful essay on what it means to be an author.  We all have different goals from this career choice, and I think it's important that authors recognize that within one another, if they want to form community with each other.  :D

Personally, I have always struggled to find fellow writers who had similar career goals as myself.  The rare times I do, I've had to deal with professional jealousy and competition at some point!  It makes me very sad, because when my friends succeed, I am happy for them!  Why shouldn't they be happy for me?

I'm not out to win any contests, just to be the best I can be, personally.  It's not about me being a better author than you, or you, or you.  It's about connecting with the reader.  I hope you're a reader!  And I hope to share readers with you!  We don't have to "compete" for us to both win! Think Like an Author: Courtesy of mrpac-man Finding success in publishing is tricky. For one, not everyone defines success the same way. For some, it's e...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

ZOMBIE BIBLE (And Other Books): HWAHE: Horror Writers Against Happy Endings

I think Stant has nailed it.  When I was writing This Brilliant Darkness (the book which, at the time, I thought of as first Canticle Mirabilis, then Stella Mirabilis), it kept turning darker and darker.  When I edited it, and had to face the truth of what I'd written, I realized it was a horror book.  I didn't think of myself as a horror writer, but I had written a horror novel.

And the reason I wrote that novel, in the first place, can be easily gleaned from the dedication.  I knew someone very intimately who was the darkest of the dark, who was guilty, and who would never be punished.  I needed, however consciously or unconsciously I processed it, to process a story where the protagonist fights back against incomprehensible evil, and there's no happy ending--but there IS hope.

Well done, and well said, Stant.  I look forward to reading your books, my friend.

ZOMBIE BIBLE (And Other Books): HWAHE: Horror Writers Against Happy Endings: If you agree with the HWAHE aesthetic, post a comment.   And spread the word about HWAHE. (Feel free to use the badge below.) We live...

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